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SET International Inc. (SET Inc.) is the premier provider of entrepreneurial solutions for the individual and organizations to seize business opportunities for the creation of affluence.

SET delivers world class processes:
  • creating a powerful base for long term expansion
  • empowering individuals by aligning corporate and career goals
  • transforming customer services to access new markets.

SET Inc. Commitments:

Service to the Customer, Creativity, Quality, Competence, Integrity, and Targeting Efforts.

SET Inc. Focuses on your Success:

  1. Helping you to identify and develop the inner core competencies of Success.
  2. Delivering programs and consultations customized to maximize results to your objectives.
  3. Ensuring return on each individual's activities is maximized.
  4. Adopting Training approaches; blended to achieve the desired outcome.
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  6. Access to our comprehensive curriculum supports and stimulates rapid individual and team transformation.
  7. Promoting maximum Information exchange in the work place with simplified, focused communications.